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About the Book

Seduced by Twilight analyzes the seductive allure of Stephenie Meyer’s Saga and its undying grip on the society. The book insists that we need to examine how, why, and to what end we are seduced by Twilight. Chapter 1 delves into how Meyer’s saga both accords with and departs from traditional representations of the vampire and the werewolf/shape-shifter. Chapter 2 explores why the romantic packaging of the series is so seductive. Chapter 3 interrogates the saga’s representations of femininity and motherhood. Chapter 4 examines how the saga engages with changing conceptions of masculinity. Chapter 5 focuses on sexuality, examining societal contexts such as violence against women, rape culture, and the abstinence-only imperative. Chapter 6 investigates the ways in which Mormon theology undergirds the saga. Chapter 7 discusses the systems of power and privilege that permeate society, detailing how the saga reflects current cultural ideologies regarding race, class, gender, and sexuality. Chapter 8 documents the franchising of the books, films, and actors. Overall, the book aims to reveal why the saga has become such a huge cultural phenomenon and what its popularity reveals about the contemporary cultural moment. You can buy the book here.

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