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Natalie Wilson was personally ensnared by the Twilight saga when her then nine-year-old daughter had a hankering to read the series. As a literature and women’s studies professor with expertise in contemporary cultural analysis, she was eager to explore the saga’s undying grip on the contemporary cultural moment. Presenting many Twilight lectures over the past few years at both Twilight conventions and academic conferences, Wilson became intrigued with examining how and why these vampire books have taken the world by storm. With a blog dedicated to examining the series from a critical lens (, existing publications on the saga (i.e. “Civilized Vampires verses Savage Werewolves”), a forthcoming monograph (Seduced by Twilight, McFarland 2011) and a forthcoming Twilight anthology co-edited with Maggie Parke, Wilson is thoroughly versed in the texts and the fandom. She designed and taught one of the first full-semester length  course on the saga at Cal State San Marcos (much of which is archived at the Seduced by Twilight Blog) Her essay in Bitten by Twilight was one of the first published pieces to examine the racialized implications of the saga, especially in relation to white privilege. In addition to running the blog Seduced by Twilight, she is also author of the blog Professor, what if…? and writes regularly for Ms. Magazing Blog, Girl with Pen, and Womanist Musings. The book’s website can be found and her homepage is at She reluctantly admits that her consumer-capitalist desires would make her more at home in the Cullen mansion than in Jacob’s musty garage.

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