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In honor of what is still celebrated as “Columbus Day” in most of the United States, why not read up on the Quileute people and consider their representation in the Twilight saga?

October 9, 2011

I wonder how schools in Forks present “Columbus Day” in their curriculum. When my children were in elementary school, they learned of Columbus as the heroic man who “discovered” America. I hope Forks schools offer a more accurate lesson, one that differs from that spoofed in this someecard:

If instead of acting like Columbus you wish to think about the representation of indigenous people in the Twilight saga, here are links to several earlier posts:
Twilight Profits and the Quileute People

The Colonial Gaze and the Representation of Indingenous People as Monstrous

Images of Indigenous People as Violet Beasties in Twilight

Ignoble Savages in Need of Vampire Civilization

The Sexualization of Indigenous Men in Twilight

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