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Happy Wedding Day to All Those Marrying Today, Whether Heterosexual Vampire or Lesbian Human

August 13, 2011

August 13th, as noted Eclipse, is the date Edward suggested for he and Bella’s wedding. The invitation above names 5:00 as the time, and 2011 the year. That makes today the day!

I hope Edward will stop calling her silly, and that she will start to see him not as a vampire-God, but as an equal.

Other than this hope, I will hold back on any more critique and instead offer them best wishes.

Hopefully their love will help them weather the ups and downs all long-term relationships require, whether “sealed” by marriage or not.

Finally, I like to think that they would offer their best wishes to a very dear female friend of mine who is marrying the woman she loves today. As each of them seems tolerant of difference, I don’t imagine them following the dictates of the religion of the author that created them, but instead believing that love is love, whether between vampire and human or woman and woman.

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