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Seduced by Smurfs?

August 2, 2011

I wasn’t a fan of the Smurfs, nor did I particularly want to see the film. But, assigned the duty of writing a review for Ms. Magazine Blog, my daughter and I braved the theatre to see it this past weekend.

I don’t know if all the “la la la” Smurf-singing fizzled my brain, or if hearing variations on the word “smurf” used as noun, verb, and everything in between have eroded my grasp of language, but I have had a bit of writer’s block since.

As such, I am sitting her trying to imagine Bella as a modern day Smurfette. Though the Twilight world Bella inhabits has far more females, she is, in a way “the lone female” —  the only human in the saga with a lead role. Like Smurfette, she is defined in large part by her “niceness” and her caring nature. Also like Smurfette, she toys with others emotions, especially Jacob’s, to get her own way.

Perhaps those of you who watched the cartoon or enjoyed the original comics could weigh in. Is Bella a sort of modern day Smurfette? Do you feel Meyer’s characters, like the Smurfs, are often defined by one key trait? And, finally, how would it be to see a Smurfed-up parody of the saga? Edward with blue skin? Aro as Gargamel?

Finally, for those who wish to see my review of the film, it’s here.

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