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“Heroic” Bella is “locked in” to her dress. Ho hum.

July 29, 2011

During the Breaking Dawn Panel last week, I was glad to hear some pro-woman commentary from some of the actors – Elizabeth Reaser (Esme) noted she is glad Breaking Dawn will show Esme as a fierce and powerful mother and Nikki Reed (Rosalie) said she enjoys playing a strong female and is glad the final films are allowing her to bring more humor to Rosalie’s character. Sadly, Ashley Greene confirmed that the final films won’t be including any of Alice’s backstory.

I was intrigued to hear Kristen Stewart repeatedly referring to being “locked” in the wedding dress for the marriage scene. I don’t know if using the term “locked” is common parlance for being in costume, but the word certainly has interesting connotations in terms of how Bella becomes “locked” in so many ways in the saga  – locked into her obsession with Edward, locked into marrying him so Mr. Abstinence Warrior will finally do the nasty with her, locked into an unplanned pregnancy, locked for eternity at age 18.

I was also surprised by Robert Pattinson’s comment that the birth scene is the first time he felt Edward had to save Bella, noting that she saved him by going to Italy and in the Victoria battle scene. His characterization of Bella as heroic savior of Edward does not jibe with mine. I feel her actions are more that of romantic desperation, motivated by the fact she feels life without Mr. Sparkle wouldn’t be worth living.

Overall, the discussion and Q&A was rather ho-hum. Not much humor. There was also far less screaming than I expected.

The film footage shown involved two different scenes – one with Jacob, dealing with him going rogue and starting his own pack. I hope, hope, hope Leah gets lots of screen time, and that they make her less bithcy and “genetic dead endy” than she is in the books.

The other scene was the one leading up to Bella meeting Robert in the ocean before the “fade to black” sex (where, if the film is true to the books, Bella’s body will fade to black, so to speak.

Visually, the film looks great. And if the clip was any indication, will likely have more humor. Horror directors are often good at combining gore with laughs, and it seems Condon will live up to this reputation. I hope so – Twilight is better when not taken too seriously. On that note, wouldn’t it be great if they included a “bloopers” reel at the end?

One final comment – Carlisle looks worse in these films than in any of the others. I don’t know how they take someone as lovely as Peter Facinelli and make him look so ridiculously horrid. Dr. Coop (his narcissistic character on Nurse Jackie) would throw a fit!

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