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The Cullen Family in the White House?

July 9, 2011

Last November, I wrote a post surmising how Twilight characters might vote. But, with all the news of the pending presidential campaign, I am wondering about the Cullen family in the white house.

The recent story from ABC news, “Presidential Campaign: Big GOP Families Lining Up to Fill White House,” notes that “Taken together, the nine announced Republican candidates have a combined 37 children” and further details that “Two 2012 presidential candidates, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, each have seven.”

Hmmm, sounds like Carlisle Cullen should throw his name into the mix, as he has five (or six, depending on if you count Bella). He could, like Ron Paul, also note how many babies he has delivered as a doctor (Paul noted in his opening statement that he “delivered babies for a living and delivered 4,000 babies” – bet Carlisle could top that!)

Or Esme could be the Cullen candidate, but then that would go against the strong patriarchal leanings of the Cullens specifically and the Twilight saga more generally.

But, what might a Cullen-helmed white house look like? As the Cullen children are adults, how many would live there? Or, should it be Edward for president and he and Bella can fill the many rooms with a perfect, beautiful vampire/human brood?

As noted in the ABC article,Once elected, even children who do not live in the White House are protected by Secret Service.” Don’t think any of the Cullens would need that, though if the Volturi had their way they would probably expect the Quileute to be “guard dogs” as per Aro’s comments in Breaking Dawn.

 Speaking of the Quileute, do you think Jacob Black would have a chance at the presidency? Think of the heyday the Tea Party and the birther movement would have with that – would being born on a reservation and having “russet-colored” skin put him in their sights. I bet it would.

How about you, dear readers, which Twilight character would you most like to have as president?

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  1. July 10, 2011 3:25 pm

    Considering that the south has produced more rhetoricians and politicians than any other region of the US, I think Jasper would make a perfectly fine prez. Of course, he’d have to get over his primal urge to feed upon visiting dignitaries, but his mood enhancing ability should make those foreign reps feel very confident and assured of US policy. Otherwise, I can see Jasper funding a strong military with special emphasis on vampire armies.

    Of course, as a First Lady, Alice would be the one to benefit the most. She would completely redecorate the White House, plan the most stupendous dinner parties, be the toast of all political functions, and set fashion trends the like unseen since Jackie Kennedy wore her pillbox hat. Alice and Jasper would become our new royalty–I can even see a trend coming … everyone would be wearing golden contacts. 🙂

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