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Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks

July 5, 2011

Having just returned from a long trip to the Pacific Northwest (hence the blog silence), I am all the more excited to be taking part in Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks this coming September. Hope some of you plan to attend!

While away, I saw many Twilight-esque sites in Oregon, including Multnomah Falls, Crown Point Vista House, and the View Point Inn. Further north, I trod the shores of Indian Beach at Ecola State Park and then headed for a non-Twilight fix, a visit to the Goonies house in Astoria.

While in Washington, I went to the Seattle Art Museum’s exhibit “Behind the Scenes: The Real Story of the Quileute Wolves” and I will be posting on that soon.

I was in Seattle on the day of the “Red White and Dead Zombie Walk” and will be posting about my take on why vampires consistently outrank zombies in popularity soon.

Upon my return home last night I opted to watch Sookie-style fireworks and caught up on the first two episodes of True Blood season 4. Cannot wait for more WITCHES! That reminds me, have any of you read A Discovery of Witches yet? If so, what’s your take? It is on my ever-lengthy “to read” list…


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