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MTVs Teen Wolf is Seriously Lacking in its “GIRLY” Perspective…

June 8, 2011

I watched the premiere of Teen Wolf last night. Or tried to. It wasn’t exactly riveting television. More problematic still? Females are either half-eaten corpses framed as “entertainment” for the soon-to-be-werewolf protagonist and his best friend or they’re sidelined stereotypical eye-candy.

Later, when Scott (the teen wolf of the title) is helping the new girl in town after she hits a dog with her car, the gendered lens goes even further downhill. “I freaked out like a total girl,” says his brown-eyed crush, to which Scott responds that if the same happened to him, “I’d cry, not like a man, but like a super girly girl.”

Gag me with a Twilight fork.

As Scott says in another scene “beautiful people herd together.” Well, this show has your typical array of beautiful people, but unlike the CW’s The Vampire Diaries, there doesn’t promise to be much gender equity in terms of important roles. The main were is male, his friends are male, the evil jock is male, the vampire hunter is male. Where are all the women? On the sidelines being “girly.”

If the premiere is any indication of what is to come, I am guessing my tween daughter’s predictions about the show are spot on “It’s gonna be a rip-off of all the other werewolf stories and characters, but with no plot or good characters. And it’ll be sexist.”


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