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Twilight Student Musings

January 31, 2011

Being as spring semester started last week and I am teaching FIVE classes this term, I have students on the brain. So far, my classes look promising with a number of interested, engaged students. Alas, a few have already sent my alarm bells off…  This got me thinking, what would it be like to be a professor at “Twilight University” with classes filled by the likes of Bella, Alice, etc.

We know from the books what types of students Bella and Edward are, but how what kind of students would some of the other Twilight characters make? What would it be like to have them in class – joy or nightmare?

Here is my take on some of the characters:

Alice – a mixed bag. Her psychic skills would make it hard to give pop quizzes! On the other hand, her upbeat nature would make her a good participator.

Rosalie – a nightmare. She would be an eye-roller and clock-watcher. Plus, she would feel like she knew more than everyone else while not being afraid to show it.

Jasper – a mixed bag. His ability to calm the atmosphere would come in helpful on exam day. On the other hand, his likely tendency to link everything back to his civil war days would become tiresome.

Emmett – a mixed bag. He would likely be a class-clown type and good for comic relief. However, he would likely also be disruptive, overly chatty, and a tad too into impressing his classmates with his antics.

Victoria – a nightmare. She would be angry every day and openly hostile to her professors as well as other students.

Jane-– a nightmare. She would enjoy inflicting pain on other students, especially as they delivered oral presentations in front of the class.

What do you all think? Who would make a great/horrible student? How about a great professor? I think Alice could be a great professor but Bella seems to internally focussed for the job. Thoughts?

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  1. Jasper permalink
    February 3, 2011 3:12 pm

    Well, that’s certainly interesting Ms. Wilson. In fact this whole discussion reminds me of time I fought some Yankees on the Texas plains…

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