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Dexter meets Twilight

December 14, 2010

The season finale of Dexter (which I reviewed here) got me thinking: What would a Dexter/Twilight mash-up look like?

Who would murderous vigilant Dexter see fit to punish from Twilight?

Methinks he would want to take out all of the Volturi, obviously.

But, I think he would also set his knifely sights on Edward, Sam, and Jacob. While he might decide they don’t deserve his saran-wrap murder room just yet, he would put them on the “to watch” list for all their violent, creepy acts perpetuated against women they supposedly love.

As per Victoria, I am not so sure… I think Dexter would admire her own vigilante streak… He likely would condemn her targeting of Bella but would understand her desire to get even for James’ murder. These two could make quite the team… Now that Lumen has moved on, perhaps Dexter should consider teaming up with Victoria. Oh, nevermind, Edward chopped off her head Medusa style. Darn.


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