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Twilight Products Brought to You by Students from Twilight: The Texts and The Fandom (with a week 9 re-cap)

October 29, 2010

On Wednesday, students were asked to create a new Twilight product/business in relation to our class discussion of Twilight Tourism, fan Pilgrimages, and the commodification of the Quileute.
Students came up with many creative business and product ideas including:

  • A team Leah t-shirt that reads “Team Leah” on the front and “Tough Enough to Run with the BOYS!” on the back
  • A “Bella Chooses Her Own Adventure” platform video game where Bella would be free to choose her future path and where she would be given more choices than Edward or Jacob – like college
  • A t-shirt emblazoned with Rosalie’s face that reads “Rosalie Hale: The New Face of Feminism”
  • A “Sparkling World of Twilight” amusement park with replicas of buildings and houses from the saga with rides like “Edward’s Flying Adventure” to replicate Bella’s first piggy-back vampire ride as well as a “It’s a Small Vampire World” in the style of Disney’s “It’s a Small World” showcasing the vampires of the world in their native soil
  • The Twilight Divorce Lawyers – a group of lawyers specializing in helping those women whose husbands don’t sparkle and/or fail to dazzle
  • Twilight Crisis Hotline – a phone line where people can call in to get relationship advice or other types of counseling from an Edward-like voice
  • Twilight Tanning – instead of being bronzed this salon will leave you pale and sparkling

At the beginning of the week, Monday’s discussion on race and white privilege went very well. Students analyzed items from Peggy McIntosh’s “White Privilege List,” coming up with many great points. Many comments reflected on the hyper-white privilege of the Cullens, noting they function more as wealthy celebrities than social outcasts (even though Edward likes to think of himself as persecuted). One student noted that if students of color were absent from school as often as the Cullens it would likely become an issue with the school and negative assumptions would be made about them. Others note Bella also benefits from white skin privilege and that this is linked to her beauty/appeal in the saga.

In regards to the “White People Problems Video” students commented that like the people in the video, Edward, Bella, and the Cullens don’t have real problems. Someone noted that Bella complains about her archaic computer and old truck, noting how this echoed the video characters complaining about the fact they couldn’t buy Arugula or go to the John Mayer concert.

In regards to the “Wolf Pack Auditions” video, students commented how the parody highlighted the fact that Native Americans are represented stereotypically in the movies and that Twilight largely falls in line with this trend.

Have a happy Halloween everyone and, as Edward would say, “Be Safe.”

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  1. October 29, 2010 3:00 pm

    Your blog is really interesting! I was hoping to contact you about linking to it on a twilight fanfiction blog I work on? Please let me know how I can reach you? Thanks! 🙂

  2. October 29, 2010 4:11 pm

    Mmm I like the idea of the twilight divorce center not in real life of course, but I think it will be interesting to have a reenactment of what an unsatisfied wife will complain about. I think the saga could help women that are on bad relationships to realize what there is missing, but I think some other women might set imposible standards from their husband to achieve (in the same way not all women can be Beyonce, Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox, no all men can be Edward and/or Jacob). What do you think about that? Having the students try to come up with the complains of women seeking this agency?

    Heh and however though of the tanning salon for paleness is a freaking genius.

  3. October 29, 2010 5:01 pm

    Yeah, I love that tanning salon. LoL.

    I thought of “Twilight Transformation” centers. Here goes the ad (spoken with a Vincent Price voice-over):

    “Come in to our parlor. Meet your Twilight side–you know…it’s the one that’s been in the coffin since the days of Dracula. Become the nouveau vampire or vampiress. Glisten in sunlight! Twinkle in the night!

    Porcelain inlays will remove any trace of fangs or that uneven smile. Pedicures and manicures to boost perfection of appearance! A new wardrobe, very hip and haute couture from GAP! Pasty make-up to give you that died in the last century look! Contacts to change eye color from ravenous to sexily satisfactorily sated! Botox injections to fill in any mortal imperfections! Hair designs by THE Jose Eber! Perfume by Liz Taylor!

    Come and become the vampire of the new millennium; be sensational! Be perfection!!!

    Bwah-ha-ha… bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! (fade)”

  4. cat permalink
    September 10, 2011 5:58 pm

    I don’t think I would take a Twilight theme part seriously… not at all.

    • Natalie Wilson permalink*
      October 3, 2011 3:12 pm

      No, but I think such a theme park would be fun!
      And, by the way, thanks for all your comments and activity at the blog – I have been swamped with teaching work and neglecting comments — sorry I did not get back to all your great comments and feedback.

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