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Twilight Course in the News!

October 12, 2010

Yesterday ABC news came to campus and did a short interview with me and a handful of students taking my course, Twilight: The Texts and The Fandom. Here is the link:

Many of the comments have been negative, saying that such courses are a waste of taxpayer dollars and have no academic merit. For example, one guest commenter writes:

“I am ashamed to be an alumni right now. Our educational resources are spread thin right now and using them to focus a class solely on a book that is mediocre at best is a shame. Try focusing the funds on providing more sections of classes that are required for graduation or on pieces of literature that are going to have a more lasting and profound impact on our culture rather than literature that causes a fading pop culture trend. It absolutely ridiculous to think that our college educated individuals can earn there degree using credits from this course instead of more valid courses.”

Contrary to what this commenter ignorantly claims, the course does not focus on the books alone but rather on their cultural impact and the surrounding socio-cultural contexts (as is made clear in the course catalog as well as media sources covering the course). (And my snarky side notes that this alum still doesn’t know the correct use of “their”… Something s/he he WOULD learn in ANY of my courses…)

Those interviewed on campus had only positive things to say about courses examining popular culture, as did the students enrolled in the course.

As this blog has shown, analyzing Twilight produces all sorts of useful, intelligent discussion of issues such as sexism, domestic abuse, rape culture, white privilege, socio-economic inequality and so on. For those of you who participate in this discussion, either in the classroom or at the blog, I deeply appreciate your comments and continue to be inspired to do the work that I do as you all PROVE that analyzing popular culture is a very important, useful, AND educational endeavor. So there! (no, not they’re or their…)

If you would like to share your views on courses such as this one, or on the blog itself, please comment at the ABC news story linked above. Let’s keep the conversation going!

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  1. October 13, 2010 12:52 am

    I caught the “their/there” comment, too. I’ll comment directly on the ABC entry though because I certainly had a completely different impression of the course after interviewing you for AC/Yahoo! However, this could work to your advantage. I contacted you, Professor Wilson, BECAUSE I read all the complaints about the course before it even started. I read some comments talking about how much they’d love the course but others saying it was a waste of money so I wanted to talk to you to find out what the course included. I wonder how many people actually took the time to find that out before venting about it.

    • October 14, 2010 3:48 am

      I bet that few people actually took the time to research anything. The war against Twilight is to make it look as silly and unimportant as possible and at best wish for it to go away. What I don’t get is why? Even if you personally head the writing style or the theme the book is a worldwide phenomenon on every corner of the planet. That is something that doesn’t happen often so isn’t worth to take a second look at at least out of curiosity?

      Really I started to read Twilight out of this only I went with an open mind (in spite of several people telling me that it was stupid and a waste of my time) and I liked it I might had not like it but I give it an honest shot. Why everyone thinks that hating on popular stuff for no good reason is smart?

  2. Marilyn permalink
    October 13, 2010 2:51 pm

    I think your class is awesome and only wished I lived closer so I could take the class. I am a teacher myself and am a firm believer that getting the students involved is the most important thing. And, a way to get them so involved is to discuss something that is interesting to them. You can delve into so many other topics that are not just Twilight. Some people are just ignorant or stubborn.

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