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Twilight: The Texts and the Fandom, In Class Writing, Week 5

September 29, 2010

On Monday, students chose one of the following options to write on and then exchanged papers in order to comment on each others work. We used the writing to shape our discussion about romantic myths, intertextuality, Byronic (anti-)Heroes, resistant reading, and comparing the Twilight movie adaptation to the book.

Option 1:

Cochran quotes Meyer’s claim that she wanted to write a fantasy for herself and “that’s what Edward is.” Write a fantasy partner from your own perspective, listing his/her attributes, personality traits, life goals, etc. Surmise what your “perfect relationship” would consist of. Does this character/relationship echo any of those in Twilight? Why or why not?

Option 2:

Create an alternate set of myths about romantic love that would create more sustainable, functional, and realistic relationship models. Then, consider how Twilight could be adapted to further these alternative myths.

Option 3:

Pen an alternate scenario for a portion of the Twilight Saga that is set in a particular historical time period (as Coker does in  “Courting Edward Cullen”). You might focus on Bella and Edward, Bella and Jacob, or any other combination of characters…

Option 4:

Pen an alternate scene for the first Twilight movie.

Option 5:

Formulate a different set of actors for the Twilight movie and document how these actors would change the film adaptation as well as the cultural response.

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  1. September 29, 2010 10:32 am

    In answer to Option 1:
    When I first read Twilight I was interested in bad boys. Distant, mysterious and often unreadable. I often wonder if it was because this was how my father treated me. He was often emotionally distant and I had to fight for his respect and attention. This is why I was drawn to Edward. He never answers a question which equalled, in my mind, mystery. It sounds odd but in the book, Edward sounds quite psychically. You get the feeling he is an attractive guy, which sounds superficial but that was how I felt at the time. I wanted someone beautiful and unobtainable who had, for reasons unknown to me, wanted me too. I wanted an Edward. I then dated an Edward. Yikes. He was argumentative, suffocating and generally annoying as he thought he knew what was best for me, even though I had my own mind. He was also horribly sexist and had traditional views. It was just a mess of a relationship. This is why by the time I was over this I fell for Jacob. I used to have the idea that I needed to find someone perfect. After that bad relationship I realised I wanted someone who was perfect for me. I think this is why I’m biased towards the characters. I think it’s like someone said in one of the earlier comments. It was about how our personal viewpoint changes how you feel about the text. Twilight didn’t change how I feel about guys but the way I feel about guys changes how I see Twilight. This is why I favour Jacob because he is kind, loving, and loyal. He expects nothing from Bella but love. He doesn’t pretend to be something he isn’t and just presents himself. (Note: This is just my view which will differ from others.) I know a lot of other fans justify Edward’s behaviour by saying he is from a different time. That is true but Bella isn’t and surely Edward must have been aware of the rise of Feminism. I find it hard to believe that Bella, being the enlightened character she appears to be would put up with it. I admire this about Smeyer though.

    • September 30, 2010 12:11 am

    • natalie wilson permalink*
      October 3, 2010 4:54 pm

      Thanks for detailing your personal views and experiences with the text. I agree entirely that “personal viewpoint changes how you feel about the text.”
      In regards to your final sentence, I am wondering what “this” refers to — ie what do you admire about the author?

  2. Eva permalink
    September 30, 2010 9:30 pm

    I saw a comment about Coker “Courting Edward Cullen”. What is this all about?

    • natalie wilson permalink*
      October 3, 2010 4:51 pm

      It refers to an essay in the anthology Twilight and History.

  3. cat permalink
    September 10, 2011 4:38 pm

    Lol! Option three is basically fanfiction, though I don’t think you want to read some of the stuff that is put out on the net for it. It is well known that roughly 90% of fanfiction is badly written, and it is even higher in fandoms like Twilight. That just makes the REALLY good ones, well… good.

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