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Calling all Vampire Fans, Well, Maybe not Twilight Fans…

June 22, 2010

The 2nd annual Vampire-Con Film Festival will take place this weekend, June 24 through June 26, in Los Angeles. Described as “featuring classic vampire cinema that will make your blood curdle,” the convention will include a “Disco Dracula Costume Contest” before the airing of the 1979 vampire comedy Love at First Bite.

The official site notes that “Costumes are thoroughly encouraged each night: Vampires, Victorian, Edwardian, Steampunk, Bohemian, Tribal and Gypsy.” Do you notice any obvious category of vampire costume missing from that list? Yes, Twilight costumes!

Judging by this omission, as well as by the promotional clip for Vamp-Con, which features an Edward-looking vampire enjoying the viewing pleasure of fellow cinema goers by “sparkling,” the convention wishes to distance itself from the Twilight phenomenon. As such, it seems a bit odd they have organized their event just a few days before the Eclipse premiere…
However, unlike much Twilight anti-fandom and backlash, which has been characterized by a lot of sexist mockery of fans as “silly girls,” Vamp-Con avoids such a scathing stance.

While some might be insulted by the suggestion that Twilighters are annoying “kids,” I find this “All bite, No Sparkle” parody distances “vampire fans” from “Twilighters” in a way that is humorous rather than derisive, clever rather than mocking. Similar to their “Vampires Protest Z Day” clip that promoted last years’ Vamp-Con, this year’s video offers, if you ask me “a beautiful celebration of the vampire lifestyle” with just enough sprinkling of (sparkly) humor…


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