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Artistic renderings of Bella – or, so the child fell in love with the big ole vampire dude

December 30, 2009

There is lots of great Twilight inspired art work at the DeviantArt website. Some of its funny, some lusty, some beautiful. One theme that bugs me in the representation of Bella though is the portrayal of her as small and childlike.

In the above illustration, she is dwarfed by Edward, wrapped in his ultra-white muscular arms. This rendition is certainly in keeping with the texts, which continually portray Edward scooping up Bella, rocking her, using his arms as a protective cage. I suppose what bothers me about these images is that they remind me of what I would like to forget – the representation of Bella as smaller, weaker, more childlike, and IN NEED of protection. Yeah, I get it, she’s human and he’s vampire, but does she have to be such a teeny, frail human?

The picture below, with Bella curled up in a baby-like pose, indicates that Edward’s exclamation point love comes from her vulnerability – her sleeping beauty passiveness. Ugh.

As the images below reveal, he is presented not only as physically larger, but also as confident protector. He, in keeping with gender norms, takes up more space, his masculine body filling the frame while her female body is huddled close, curled up, directed only towards him.

Here, she is dwarfed by Edward and Jacob, the girl child in the backround to their masculine bravado.

I like the humourous Twilight images at DeviantArt better than those that romanticize the unequal relationship (and size) of Bella and Edward. Or, ones like the image below, that depict Bella in a serious, introspective, non-man candy mode…

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