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Twilight Overdose?

December 28, 2009

Snarkier than though at Twitarted posted today about being an “Unapologetic TwiPusher.”

There has been much writing about Twilight as a drug and/or religion with many of the big sites even building upon these connotations in their blog names  (i.e. Confessions of a Twi Crack Addict).

What I find particularly interesting about Snarkier’s post is that it links the drug addiction metaphor to the religious one. Noting that she “pushes” Twilight on others like a drug dealer or proselytizer, she writes, “Being a Twitard is like being a member of one of those religious groups where you are compelled to go out and convert the unholy masses.”

Interesting that she refers to the non-Twilight initiated as the “unholy masses.” Like the great unwashed, those not on the “Twi-Side” are, she argues, “in need of a friendly little push to get them on board.”

Thinking about this missionary zeal to convert the masses into Twilight-worshippers, I am reminded of Marx’s famous dictum “religion is the opiate of the masses.”

While I don’t think religion (or Twilight) always function as opiates, the decreased mental reactions they can bring, along with their ability to cause feelings of euphoria and lead to physical dependence, should serve as a warning: Just as we should not too blindly follow religious dictums that encourage non-thinking worship, neither should we become so enraptured in our Twi-following that we deify all things Twilight.

That being said, recreational use of Twilight can be quite the kick. Just be careful you don’t overdose or you could wake up one morning to find a life-size Edward cut-out watching you as you sleep beneath your purple-n-black bedspread with a wolf-trinket attached to a dream catcher dangling from your headboard…

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