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Is Meyer watching?

October 22, 2009

Watching The Vampire Diaries, like reading Twilight, is a guilty pleasure. On the contemporary vampire continuum, it is less abstinence pornified than Twilight and less hyper-sexualized than True Blood. It’s like a caffeinated Twilight or an alcohol-free True Blood.

I am particularly enjoying the the gibes it make at Twilight and wondering if Meyer is watching. If so, does she appreciate the intertextuality or bristle at the mockery?

The most extended jeer, delivered by Damon, was perhaps the best:

Watching the series post-Twilight (even though the books were published before Meyer’s saga) Elena seems to function as foil to Bella – she puts Bella’s undying devotion and rather weak-kneed femininity into sharp relief. Recently, Elena noted she is not going to be one of those girls that goes all mopey over a guy in a delicious anti-Bella dig.

Elena ran from Stefan when she discovered he is a vampire. She asked him to leave when he shows up in her bedroom uninvented. When she told him “I can’t be with you Stefan,” my daughter quipped “That sounds like the opposite of Bella.”

They are not quite opposites though – both are toothpick thin, both have introspective and brooding personalities, both are drawn to not one but two dangerous males… Yet, if they swapped places, I suspect Elena would not put up with Edward’s more controlling antics and Bella would likely turn the more complex and discerning Stefan off with her swooning devotion.

I wonder what Meyer thinks? I have seen no mention of the show or LJ Smith’s books on her website but I can’t help but be curious — when Elena caustically notes, “When you google vampire you get a world a fiction,”did  Meyer recognize this as a contemptuous shout-out to her own google-research loving self?

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  1. Angela permalink
    October 23, 2009 8:28 pm

    Touché! It’s also interesting that in physical terms, the Elena of the TV adaptation of The Vampire Diaries looks much more like the Bella of the Twilight movies than like the fair-haired Elena of L.J. Smith’s novels. Is there also some Bella imitation in terms of personality? The Elena of the novels is very self-confident, perhaps even to an off-putting extent; Meyer’s Bella is pathologically self-effacing, and the Elena of the TV series seems to have acquired some humility—perhaps in imitation of Bella? And was Paul Wesley chosen for the part of Stefan at least partially to visually echo Robert Pattinson’s Edward (though, in my opinion, Wesley’s rendition of the brooding vampire far outshines Pattinson’s)? So when the Twi-digs come, is there also a nice note of irony? Has The Vampire Diaries been fashioned, to some degree, in the image of that which it occasionally mocks?

    • natalie wilson permalink*
      November 5, 2009 4:39 pm

      Thanks for your comment. Great point on the irony of the mockery — yes, it seems the show does indeed shape itself around Twilight at the same time it tries to mock/distance itself from Twilight.
      Not having read the Smith novels, I did not realize Elena was blonde in them. Interesting indeed! I recall the actress saying something about the writer’s for the show wanting to make Elena “more likeable” — this could be why she is more self-effacing in the show — cuz, you know, nothing worse than a famel with an opinion and confidence!!!

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