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How do the seductive allure of Sephora and the Twilight saga coincide?

August 27, 2009

I have a friend who blithely refers to Sephora as “the female Home Depot.” Sephora apparently is aware of this link too, with its emphasis on beauty tools and fix-it products.  Their beauty update today though is far less utilitarian, promising as it does that you can be “Kissed by a Glampire.”

Referencing the “Twilight Venom,” a lip gloss by DuWop, this pledge hints that your lips won’t only be vampirically beautiful, but that they WILL be kissed. Is this not the same assurance offered by the Twilight series? (You, dear Bella-esque readers, are beautiful – every man on the block (Mike, Eric, Tyler, Edward, Jacob) wants you, and, with your burgeoning vamp power, you get to choose which lucky person to lock lips with…)

I am thinking that the allure of Sephora, with all its enticing packaging and delectable array of colors, is akin to the allure of Twilight, with its well-packaged romance yarn and delectable array of suitors.

Just as we make-up fans can sculpt ourselves anew via the wonderful Sephora tools, so too can we readers of Twilight bask in the romantic narrative glow as we re-envision ourselves through the flattering male gazes of Edward et al. Just as “Twilight Venom” is shaken before use “to represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds,” we, shaken from our human lives, voyeuristically blend our real lives with the fictional one depicted in Twilight. Just as the gloss “can be applied repeatedly until…the lips are plumped and revitalized,” so to can we go for re-peat reads until our psyches are similarly pumped and invigorated.

Ah, if only reading the books could condition our minds to reject some of the less progressive messages about femininity and relationships in the way the gloss promises to condition our lips…

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