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Welcome to Seduced by Twilight!

August 10, 2009

This blog will be devoted to explorations of the seductive allure of the Twilight saga.

As I work on a book of the same name, I will be posting ideas and analysis about the books, the fandom, and the cultural phenomenon Twilight has spawned.

After presenting at Summer School in Forks Symposium and Twi-Con this summer, I am even more inspired to explore why so many of us, in so many ways, are seduced by the Twilight series.

I will be posting the four presentations I gave at these events, split into parts, over the next few months.

I plan to focus on analyses of the texts, the fandom, the films, as well as onvampire/werewolf lore and literature.  As a professor of literature and women’s studies, I am particularly interested in literary approaches to the texts, as well as to those that consider race, class, gender, sexuality, belief, and popular culture.

I hope you decide to become part of the discussion. I encourage you to share what you find seductive about the series. I welcome guest posts, post ideas, or queries at seduced by twilight at gmail dot com.

Thanks for reading!


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